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Management Philosophy

Mission = our reason for being:
The Fuji Oil Group seeks to develop the potential of food ingredients. We contribute to people’s happiness and well-being by offering delicious and healthy food.
We seek to add to society by launching delicious and healthy food through our main fats & oils and soy technologies.
Values = the values that guide our actions:
• Safety, quality and the environment
• People-oriented work
• Challenges and innovation
• Speed and present-moment awareness
Our principles
1. We comply with the law and society’s norms, keeping high ethical standards.
2. We make safe and healthy food with utmost priority, offering quality in products and services.
3. We conduct our activities in harmony with the environment.
4. We value communication with our customers as a way to create yet more values.
5. We respect and value our partners and we engage in fair, honest negotiations.
6. We are always innovating with a pioneering spirit.
7. We improve our production processes through the “three reality principle” (real things, facts, and places) and cost reduction.
8. As employees we value the following items:
• We respect the individuality and diversity of the Fuji Oil Group’s employees.
• The Fuji Oil Group provides their employees with education and growth opportunities.
• We value work done with a sense of speed and passion.
• We work on the development of our employees’ values by example with a spirit of harmony and dedication to the company.
• We preserve and seek to daily improve health and safety in our work environment.
9. We engage in corporate activities rooted in our community and in activities that add to society.
10. We are transparent and precise in managing information to our shareholders, in a timely manner.
11. We protect the company’s assets, as well as its information.
12. We clearly separate professional from personal businesses.
13. We understand that by following our principles’ spirit, we will contribute to our company’s mission.
Quality control and food safety policy
• Meeting the market’s requirements by providing food with quality and safety;
• Meeting statutory and regulation requirements;
• Establishing and keeping a flow of information on food safety to the production chain in which Harald is inserted;
• Continuously improving the quality management, and food safety systems’ efficacy.
Code of conduct
Harald is certified as a great place to work!
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