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Confeiteiro Red Berries Filling 1.050 kg

With concentrated red berries flavor and intense sheen, it comes ready to use in a pastry bag!

Cut the tip of the bag and apply it directly in the recipe or as finishing on cakes, pies and desserts.
Keep in a cool, ventilated place. After opening, fold the tip of the bag and envelop it in plastic film.
Sugar, water, blackberry pulp, modified starch, strawberry pulp, raspberry, citric acid (INS 330), potassium sorbate preservative (INS 201), carmine (INS 120) and annatto (INS 160b) dyes, nature-identical flavoring agents (red berries). DOESN’T CONTAIN GLUTEN. ALLERGICS: MAY CONTAIN ALMOND, PEANUT, HAZELNUT, CASHEW, BRAZILIAN NUT, SOY DERIVATIVES, MILK, MACADAMIA NUT, WALNUT, PECAN AND PISTACHIO.
Nutrition Table
NUTRITION FACTS – Serving size 20 g (1 tablespoon)
Calories 42 kcal = 175 kj 2%VD*
Carbohydrate 10 g 3%VD*
Protein 0 g 0%VD*
Total fat 0 g 0%VD*
Saturated fat 0 g 0%VD*
Trans fat 0 g **
Dietary fiber 0,1 g 0%VD*
Sodium 2 mg 0%VD*
*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 kcal or 8,400 kJ diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

Main uses

Learn the best applications of Confeiteiro Red Berries Filling!

Use it to finish and decorate cheesecakes, cakes and desserts such as puddings and panna cottas. It can also be used to decorate milk-shakes and sundaes: apply it directly from the bag to the glass, drawing lines.
It can be used as filling in cakes, Easter eggs and doughnuts, bringing a lot of color and flavor. You can also mix it with pastry cream, ganache or even white chocolates, creating creamy filling and flavored bars and bonbons.
Use the Red Berries Filling to make drinks! Adding lime and water, it makes a berry lemonade, besides serving as a base for milk-shakes: mix 1 part of filling with 2 parts of milk and 3 parts of ice cream!

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