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Melken Chocolate with Hazelnut Flavored Ganache Cream 1.000 kg

Melken Ganaches are ideal fillings and coatings for cakes and pies, besides substituting butter and sugar in sweet batters, bringing the flavor of chocolate.

Ready-to-use product. In order to make application easier, warm the product up between 30 °C and 35 °C in water bath or directly in the microwave. Mix it well with a spatula before applying it.
Keep in a cool, dry, ventilated place, away from strong smells. Don’t expose it to light. After opening, keep the lid always on.
Sugar, vegetable fat, toasted hazelnut, demineralized whey, cocoa powder, skim milk powder, rice flakes (rice flour and maltodextrin), salt, soy lecithin emulsifier (INS 322), nature-identical flavoring substances (chocolate). CONTAINS LACTOSE. DOESN’T CONTAIN GLUTEN. CONTAINS HAZELNUT, MILK, DAIRY AND SOY DERIVATIVES. MAY CONTAIN ALMOND, PEANUT, CASHEW, BRAZILIAN NUT, MACADAMIA NUT, WALNUT, PECAN, PISTACHIO, NUTS.
Nutrition Table
NUTRITION FACTS – Serving size 25 g (2 tablespoons)
Calories 114 kcal = 481 kj 6%VD*
Carbohydrate 11 g 4%VD*
Protein 0,8 g 1%VD*
Total fat 7,6 g 14%VD*
Saturated fat 1,6 g 7%VD*
Trans fat 2 g **
Dietary fiber 0,5 g 2%VD*
Sodium 14 mg 1%VD*
*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 kcal or 8,400 kJ diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

Main uses

Learn the best uses for Melken Chocolate with Hazelnut Flavored Ganache Cream!

In its original consistency, it is excellent to fill cakes and pies. Regarding flavoring, it harmonizes well with spices, such as cinnamon and cardamom, with bitter flavors like coffee’s and with liquors such as rum and liqueurs.
In order to decorate cakes, pies and desserts, whip the Ganache Cream with a mixer for a few minutes, until reaching the desired consistency, and use a pastry bag. If you prefer a more rustic effect, spread it with a spatula, covering the entire surface.
In order to cover cakes, pies and cupcakes, just spread the ganache with a spatula. For a smooth, mirror effect, warm it up in the microwave for a few seconds and pour it over the cake, which should be resting on a grid with a pan underneath, to avoid waste.

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