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Top White Chocolate Flavor Cereal Ball 500 g

New version with only white balls, to fill and decorate chocolate bars, Easter eggs, brigadeiros (Brazilian candy), pies and cakes.

Just add it to the desired chocolate or batter, or sprinkle it over de surface to be decorated.
Keep in a cool, dry, ventilated place, away from strong smells. Don’t expose it to light.
Sugar, vegetable fat, rice flour, maize flour fortified with iron and folic acid, whole milk powder, cocoa powder, water, malt extract, glucose syrup, salt, calcium carbonate (INS 170i), acacia gum stabilizer (INS 414), flavoring substances, potassium sorbate preservative (INS 202). CONTAINS LACTOSE. CONTAINS GLUTEN. ALLERGICS: CONTAINS MILK AND BARLEY DERIVATIVES. MAY CONTAIN SOY, ALMOND, WHEAT AND HAZELNUT.
Nutrition Table
NUTRITION FACTS – Serving size 25 g (2 tablespoons)
Calories 114 kcal = 478 kj 6%VD*
Carbohydrate 16 g 5%VD*
Protein 1,2 g 2%VD*
Total fat 5,0 g 9%VD*
Saturated fat 4,8 g 22%VD*
Trans fat 0 **
Dietary fiber 2,1 g 8%VD*
Sodium 10 mg 0%VD*
*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 kcal or 8,400 kJ diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

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