Marbled Egg Stuffed with Italian Straw

Rende até 2 shells of 350g
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This recipe for Marbled Egg Stuffed with Straw Itaiiana was developed by consultant Rafa Siqueira live on instagram


  • Shell:
  • 300g of Top Coverage to milk
  • 300g of White Top Coverage
  • 100g cornstarch biscuits
  • Brigadeiro
  • 400g condensed milk
  • 200g of cream
  • 60g of chopped melken milk chocolate
  • 20g Melken chocolate powder 50%.

Modo de preparo

Egg shell

Prepare the Easter egg shell by merging the Top Toppings using a 3-part pan.
Remove from the fridge and unmold, set aside

Brigadier with milk

In a pan, mix the condensed milk, the cream, the chopped chocolate and the sifted chocolate powder. Take to medium fire, stirring until you disgrace from the bottom of the pan. Place on a plate and let cool to apply.

Intercale layers of brigadier and whole cookies. Close the egg with the aid of a spatula.


  • Molde de ovo de 350g
  • Espátula
  • Pao duro
  • Panel
  • Manga de confeitar