Mint Truffles with Zero Sugar Chocolate

Tempo de preparo 45 minutes + 3 hours of rest
Rende até 55 truffles of 15 grams and 15 bars of approximately 25 grams
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This recipe for mint truffles with zero sugar chocolate was developed by Chef Vivian Feldman live on instagram


  • Zero Sugar Mint Chocolate Truffles:
  • 500 g Sugar Free Melken Dark Chocolate
  • 300 g UHT milk cream
  • 1 pack of sugar-free mints (28 grams)
  • Finishing the Truffles:
  • 250 g of Melken Semisweet Zero Sugar Chocolate for dipping

Modo de preparo

Melken Half Bitter Zero Sugar Chocolate and together with the cream in the microwave or bain-marie.

Mix well until you get a smooth and homogeneous cream.

Grind the candies in a food processor or chop very finely with a knife.

Add to ganache and stir to incorporate.

Cover with plastic wrap and let sit at room temperature for a few hours, until firm enough to shape.

Make balls of 15 grams and take to the fridge until bathing time.


Finishing the Truffles


Melt the Zero Sugar Melken Semisweet Chocolate and temper it using the method of your choice.

Bathe the truffles with the classic technique, passing chocolate in your hands and molding each one.