Apple Bath

When dipping the apple, it is not uncommon for bubbles or ripples to appear in the coating. That’s why Harald teaches you how to make the perfect bath using the Top toppings, as in the Chocolate Love Apple recipe. The Top line makes it easier to melt and maintain temperature during work. In addition, the coverage becomes more fluid, which means that you will have thinner cones and greater yield! Check step by step:

Dry the apple well

Sanitize the apple and stick it with a toothpick or cinnamon stick. At this time, the fruit can release juice. To prevent it from getting wet, to ensure that the coating has good adhesion and covers the entire surface, it is important to dry it carefully.

Melt top cover

Follow the desired technique to melt your Top cover between 45°C and 50°C.

After melting, wait for it to cool down to working temperature, between 38 °C and 42 °C. Use a thermometer to measure, or if you don’t have one, stir evenly for about 5 minutes.

Bathe the apple

Place the melted Top Coating in a tall, narrow container. This makes it easier to dip the apple! With each dip, rotate the fruit to ensure a homogeneous shell and let the excess topping run off by lightly tapping the topping itself.

Place the dipped apple, with the stem of the toothpick or branch facing upwards, on a plate covered with parchment paper. Watch to see if the fruit coating runs off and forms a thick border at the bottom. If this happens, it’s interesting to change the position of the apple and discard the residue that formed.

Refrigerate to crystallize

Be sure to refrigerate the apples to crystallize while the icing is still damp. This ensures more shine on your candy! Refrigerate for 5 minutes for complete crystallization.


You can use Melken decorations and sprinkle over the surface of the apple before refrigerating. If you prefer to make two layers of bath with different colors or flavors, take the apple to crystallize after the first layer of bath. Remove after 5 minutes, proceed with the next bath and repeat the process until finished.

See in video

Check out how easy it is to do this technique!

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