Brigadeirotone ou Brigadeiro de Panetone

Tempo de preparo 1 hour + dough resting time
Rende até 30 units
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The mix of classics! The junction of the very Brazilian Brigadeiro with the Italian Panetone! You will be surprised by this delight, a brigadeiro with notes of 70% Melken chocolate, plus the perfume of panettone. Chef Alexandre Bispo's recipe.


  • Dought of brigadeiro:
  • 395 g of condensed milk
  • 50 g of UHT cream
  • 10 g unsalted butter
  • 10 g of Melken Cocoa Powder 100% Cocoa
  • 100 g of Melken Chocolate 70% Cocoa
  • Modeling:
  • 100 g of brigadeiro dough
  • 200 g panettone crumbs
  • Chocolate cone:
  • 400 g of Belgian Melken Milk Chocolate 33% Cocoa

Modo de preparo

Brigadeiro dough: In a non-stick pan, add condensed milk, cream, butter and 100% cocoa powder. Take to the low fire, always stirring until you form a consistent cream. When you form a medium firm brigadeiro mass, add the Melken Chocolate 70% Cocoa.

Remove from the heat and keep stirring until the chocolate melts and comes away from the bottom of the pan. Transfer to a plate greased with unsalted butter, and lightly brush the entire surface of the brigadeiro dough with unsalted butter. Once cold, cover with plastic wrap and let it rest for 24 hours.

Modeling: Lightly mix the brigadeiro dough with the panettone crumbs, until it forms a single dough. Form 10 g balls and set aside. Open a small portion of the brigadeiro dough (15 g), with slightly damp hands, forming mini disks of dough.

Apply the brigadeiro dough ball with panettone. Reshape to form a brigadier ball. Pass over Melken Granulé Semi-Bitter.

Chocolate cone: Melt and temper the chocolate (according to package directions).

Arabesques: Apply a small portion on an acetate sheet, pass a serrated spatula, forming several stripes. Turn the acetate over, forming a drop shape, secure the two parts of the acetate with tongs and put it in the fridge to finish crystallizing the arabesques.

Cone: Apply over acetate or polycarbonate candy molds with the rest of the tempered chocolate, in the form of “paper moulds”, invert the shape and leave it upside down, forming dripping on the edges of the cone. Wait for the chocolate to start crystallizing and take it to the fridge to finish the crystallization of the cones.

Unmold and apply the already modeled brigadier. Glue an arabesque on each brigadier forming a Christmas ball.


  • Decore um espaço com o tema natalino, ponha os brigadeiros e produza fotos e vídeos, publique em suas redes sociais e boas vendas!