Diamond Egg Stuffed with Marshmallow

Tempo de preparo 20 minutes + 20 minutes freezing
Rende até about 7 eggs
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  • Filling:
  • 100g industrialized marshmallow
  • Shell and Closure:
  • 550 grams of Melken Milk Chocolate

Modo de preparo

For the shell, place the Melken Milk Chocolate in a bowl and melt it, according to the package instructions.

Temper the Melken Chocolate, following the instructions.

Place the Melken Milk Chocolate in the Easter egg mold, make a layer and refrigerate.

Fill with the marshmallow, cover with the Melken Milk Chocolate closing the egg and take it to the fridge to crystallize for 20 minutes or until it releases from the mold.

Pack or serve.


  • Matelassé tablet egg acetate shapes
  • Large sponge cake pan