Glass of Happiness with Bites of Chocotone

Tempo de preparo 50 minutes + 30 minutes in the fridge
Rende até 5 cups
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  • 1 chocolate bar of 500 g
  • 250 g TOP Milk Chocolate Coating Drops
  • 250 g TOP Hazelnut Coverage in Drops
  • 250 g TOP White Chocolate Coating in Drops
  • 100 g roasted hazelnuts

Modo de preparo

Cut the chocotone into cubes of approximately 2 cm and set aside in a bowl.

Half fill a pot with water and bring to a boil. Then, place a bowl with 250 g of TOP Milk Chocolate Coverage in the bain-marie pan and stir gently until everything melts. Turn off the heat and place the bowl with the melted chocolate on a dish towel.​

Place a grid on top of the shape. With the help of the bath fork, dip the chocotone cubes into the coating and stir until completely bathed. Remove and let dry on the grid.​

Repeat the process with the TOP White Chocolate Coverage in Drops and also with the TOP Hazelnut Coverage in Drops.​

When you place the plated square of chocotone on the grid, with the chocolate still melted, add a hazelnut on top. When the chocolate hardens, the hazelnut will set.​

Let the bites rest in the fridge for 30 minutes. Then just put the assorted candies in the cup and use the bubble cap to close it.​