World Cup bonbons -Matcha soccer ball: Japan

Tempo de preparo 10 hours
Rende até 25 bonbons (average 28 g)
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This recipe for World Cup Candy - Matcha Soccer Ball: Japan was developed in our end of year recipe book


  • cone:
  • 250g TOP Intense Coverage
  • Ganache
  • 125g UHT milk cream
  • 40g Butter without salt
  • 40g glucose
  • 10g Matcha (green tea powder)
  • 330g White Melken Chocolate

Modo de preparo


1. Melt TOP Intenso Coverage according to package instructions.
2. Mold the shells into the desired shape.


1. In a pan, heat the cream with the butter and the glucose until it boils. Add the matcha and mix until dissolved.
2. Pour over chopped Melken White Chocolate or in drops.
3. Mix well until you get a smooth and shiny ganache.
4. Wait for it to cool down to 29°C.

bonbon assembly

1. With the TOP Intense Coverage cone already ready, add the matcha ganache at the bottom of the cavity, filling it up to 2 mm below the edge.
2. Wait for it to crystallize (8 hours) so you can close your bonbons with TOP Intense Coverage.


  • Molde de bombom bola de futebol BWB 10034
  • Manga de confeitar ou bisnaga de plástico