Unique chocolate board

Tempo de preparo 30 minutes
Rende até 1 unit of board
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This Unique Chocolate Board recipe was developed on instagram



  • 70g Unique Milk 35%
  • 70g Unique Amazonia 70%
  • Ganache:

  • 300 g of Unique Chocolate 63% Cocoa
  • 150g sour cream
  • Assembly

  • Strawberries, grapes, walnuts and almonds

Modo de preparo


Temper the unique chocolate as indicated on the packaging, add the mold, take it to freeze and unmold


In a container, melt the Chocolate Unique 63% Cocoa, according to the package instructions. Then add the milk cream and stir until you get a smooth and homogeneous texture, take it to freeze for approximately 20 minutes or until you get a more pasty texture. Reserve.


for assembly

On a board using a disposable sleeve, apply the ganache covering 70% of it, do not forget to leave a border on the sides. After applying spread with a spatula leaving in the desired shape.

Decorate the ganache with fruits, nuts, almonds and chocolate chips.