Milk Slice

Tempo de preparo 20 minutes
Rende até 5 units of 520 g
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This Slice Leitinho recipe was made with our food service products


  • Dough:
  • 925g Vanilla flavored cake batter, baked
  • Stuffing and Covering:
  • 1.675g Melken Milk Filling and Topping

Modo de preparo

Cut the dough into 10 rectangles of 20 x 10 cm. Place 210 g of Melken Milk Flavor Filling and Topping over 1 strip of dough and cover with another strip. Repeat the operation for the other parts of the dough.2. Decorate by making a beak with 125 g of Melken Milk Flavored Stuffing and Topping on each cake unit. 3. Pack, label and display.