Decorations made with jigs

A practical way to make chocolate decorations is to use templates and sheets of parchment paper. For this you will only need the Top Coverages melted in butter paper cones (see here how to do it), a sheet with the drawings of your choice and a sheet of butter paper.

You can use this method to make decorations for Christmas, Easter, Children’s Day and any holiday! If you liked it and want to make the decorations, we can send them to you. Get in touch with us via WhatsApp (11-99425-1237) or by phone 0800-177101. We will send the templates to you!

Passo a passo

Step 1

Place the template sheet under a sheet of parchment paper and make the designs. Take it to the fridge for 3 minutes.

Step 2

After drying, peel them off and apply, using a little melted coating, sticking them on truffles, bonbons, bars…

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