Perfect shaves with Shave & To cover

With Scrape & Cobrir, you can make all kinds of zest, from long rolls to cigarettes and short rolls.

Passo a passo

making the zest

To remove zest, always work with the bar slightly heated (28°C to 29°C). Do this by leaving it in a warmer setting in the kitchen for 2-3 hours, or popping it briefly in the microwave (about 10 seconds). Squeeze it lightly with your fingertips to see if it’s softer. Use metal shaving rings and start from the side, pulling the shaving end to end.

Enjoying the whole bar

To take advantage of the entire bar, remove the zest in sequence, keeping the surface always uniform. Avoid digging into the icing as this will prevent you from making nice shavings.

Long, short and cigarette zest

Use the blade of a large angled knife or the metal rim. Start from the sides of the bar to take full advantage of the surface.


Use a metal ring or cookie cutter, always starting at the sides of the bar.

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