Bath with the Hands

This is a practical and quick way to bathe truffles, which keeps the chocolate fluid for a much longer time due to the heat of the hands and to prevent the chocolate from cooling down in the bowl. Check step by step!

Passo a passo

make the stuffing

Make the stuffing balls and let them dry, until they form a shell.

Melting the chocolate

Melt the chocolate/icing and, if you are working with Unique, Melken or Inovare, temper it. Always keep an eye on the working temperature!

Starting to work

Before starting, wash your hands well. Make the bath by putting some of the tempered chocolate or melted frosting in the palm of your hand and rolling the balls.

Make the cones

Place the plated truffles on a tray lined with butter paper and take them to the fridge for 5 minutes, or until the cones dry. Repeat the previous step and this one, doing a double bath, and that’s it! You have truffles with a thin shell and a rustic finish, providing a “crispy” effect.

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