Making the Quick Truffle

This is a technique for those who already make truffles. It will help to increase your production rate, because with it, you can make the shells, fill and make the bottom all at once. You’ll just need melted frosting (or tempered chocolate) and ganache in a pastry sleeve!

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Veja aqui como temperar o chocolate.

Passo a passo

Step 1

Use a “truffle” template that is deeper than it is wide. Fill it halfway with melted frosting.

Step 2

Position the pastry sleeve at 90° above the center of the bonbon cavity, dipping only the tip into the frosting – be careful not to touch the bottom of the mold!

Press it, making the ganache come out continuously, and keep the sleeve always straight, so that it fills the center of the bonbon well. Stop pressing when the mold is full, remove the sleeve carefully, avoiding leaking the cream. Give it a few taps to avoid forming bubbles.

Step 3

Refrigerate for about 10 minutes or until the mold is opaque and comes out of the mold. If you do it correctly, your truffle will be perfect like in this picture!

Step 4

If you touch the end of the sleeve to the bottom, or press too hard, the ganache will “leak”, preventing the formation of some parts of the shell, and the bonbon will look like the one in this photo!

See in video

Check out how easy it is to do this technique in this video!

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