Harald expands the Melken line with the new Chocolate Powder 70% Cocoa

Launch expands the brand’s presence in the category by presenting a high-quality option with more intense color and flavor

The consumption of products with a high cocoa content is a growing trend in the food market, and attentive to the demands of the sector, Harald, a leading company in toppings and a reference in chocolates for the specialized market, expands its product portfolio with the launch of Chocolate in Powder Melken 70% Cocoa, which arrives at the point of sale in July.

With a darker color, intense flavor and less sugar, compared to the lower content items in the line, Melken Chocolate Powder 70% Cocoa reinforces the Melken line of Chocolates and Cocoa Powder. In addition to being another brand option, with high quality and an affordable price, it is also a source of fiber, has a higher yield, is easy to dissolve and works for various applications and productions, such as: cake mixes, brigadeiros, pies, drinks , desserts and assorted sweets.
According to Fernanda Sequetto, Harald’s marketing manager in Brazil, the company continues to invest in noble products with a high cocoa content, with the aim of helping confectioners and processors to expand their menu and reach consumers looking for healthier options. “We developed Melken Chocolate Powder with 70% Cocoa in order to meet a need in the sector. It is an investment that expands our product diversity and caters to a wide range of customers, bringing yet another option to increase the menu and boost sales”, comments the executive.

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