Harald is the new sponsor of the ABRAS Convention and presents its portfolio of products intended for the final consumer

Reference in the confectionery and food service market, the company invests in the supermarket sector and presents its new portfolio of products aimed at the final consumer, intended for the preparation of sweets and desserts at home.

Image: Leonardo Santis, commercial and marketing director at Harald in Brazil

Completing 40 years of history, Harald, the leading company in toppings in Brazil and a reference in chocolates for the specialized market, arrives at supermarkets and retailers across the country. With the objective of presenting its portfolio – 15 chocolate-based products, with professional quality, for preparing sweets and desserts at home – the brand became a sponsor of the ABRAS Convention, a traditional event produced by the Brazilian Association of Supermarkets.

During the ABRAS Convention, which takes place on September 19 and 20, Harald will have a stand offering tastings and delivering samples to supermarket leaders across the country. In addition to being present in all communications at the event, there will be a transmission of the institutional film that presents its new line of products aimed at the final consumer on a large screen and mention of the brand by the master of ceremonies. Activation also includes a welcome kit that will be delivered to participants staying at the convention hotel.

According to Harald’s commercial and marketing director, Leonardo Santis, as a reflection of the pandemic and the country’s economic moment, there was an increase in the number of people cooking at home. “The investment aims to strengthen the relationship with the largest supermarkets and retailers in Brazil. We want to present products that have performance certified by confectionery professionals, and show that the consumer will have access to a very high quality chocolate, which will make a difference in the preparation and quality of the recipes”, says the executive.

Harald presents chocolates, chocolate candies for decoration, and toppings in drops, in addition to 50% powdered chocolate and 100% cocoa powder. “A complete portfolio endorsed by products from the Unique, Melken and TOP lines, which are recognized brands in the specialized market, and which will now be part of the consumer’s daily life”, adds Santis.

Each line offers a benefit to the consumer: in the gourmet segment, the Unique line features products with chocolate from the Amazon and Bahia, for special pairings, highlighting the striking aroma of the terroir of origin. The Melken line, traditional in confectionery, brings a noble chocolate flavor and flexibility in preparations. The TOP line, leader in the roofing segment, delivers practicality and versatility in handling.

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