Cuca Choco Hazelnut

Tempo de preparo 25 minutes. Baking time: 45 minutes.
Rende até 16 pieces of 250 g each
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This Cuca Choco Hazelnut recipe was developed for our food service audience.



  • 2940g raw dough for cuca
  • Roof:

  • 420g Farofa for cuca, raw
  • 1050g Supplyable Filling Chocolate with Hazelnut Confectioner

Modo de preparo

1. Spread the cuca dough into 4 greased and floured 30 cm x 25 cm rectangular baking pans.2. Distribute the farofa over the masses (105 g each). Cover and let rest until doubled in volume. 3. Bake in preheated oven at 180ºC for 45 minutes. 4. Finish with strings of Stuffing for Chocolate Hazelnut Pizza on the surface of the pans. Cut each into 4 pieces. 5. Pack, label and display. Recipe for the dough for cuca: mix 1540 g of wheat flour, 300 g of sugar, 15 g of salt and 60 g of yeast. Finally, add 1 L of water at room temperature. Mix all the ingredients well and let the dough rest for 40 minutes. Farofa recipe: mix 230 g of wheat flour, 140 g of sugar and 60 g of margarine.