Brigadeiro Spoon Egg

Tempo de preparo 2 hours
Rende até 2 stuffed shells
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This Brigadeiro Spoon Egg recipe was developed with our line of Melken chocolates



  • 395 g Condensed Milk (Can)
  • 15g unsalted butter (1 tablespoon)
  • 15g Melken 100% Cocoa Powder (3 tablespoons)
  • 200ml UHT milk cream (1 box)
  • 130g Melken Bittersweet Granules
  • 125 g Melken Milk Chocolate
  • Shell

  • 300g Dark Melken Chocolate

Modo de preparo



In a pan, add the Cocoa Powder Melken 100% and the butter and then take it to the fire to melt and mix the two ingredients well.
Add condensed milk and sour cream. When the brigadeiro is ready to be filled, add the Melken Chocolate to the milk and stir until it melts. At this time, reserve part of the brigadeiro to fill and decorate the Easter Egg.
Return the other part of the brigadeiro to the fire and cook until it detaches from the bottom of the pan. Wait to cool down.
Form 10 g brigadeiros and pass in Granulé Melken Meio Bitter. Reserve.


Melt the semisweet Melken Chocolate and season according to package directions.
Fill the shell with Melken Semisweet Chocolate and remove the excess, turning the mold upside down into the bowl with tempered chocolate. Take to crystallize for 15 minutes in the fridge or until it releases from the mold.


Fill the bottom of the shell with the brigadeiro until the shell is complete.
Decorate with already rolled brigadeiros and make the edge with a pitanga beak using the brigadeiro in filling stitch.
Put it in a package.


  • Molde de ovo 350g
  • Saco de confeitar
  • Bico pitanga