Easter egg with eggs

Rende até 1 eggshell of 350g
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This Easter Egg recipe stuffed with chocolate eggs was made on instagram


  • 250g White Top Coverage
  • 50g Milk Top Coating
  • 50g Hazelnut Top Coverage
  • 50g Hazelnut Top Coverage

Modo de preparo

Place the TOP Coverages in bowls and melt, according to the instructions described in the product packaging

Prepare the Easter egg shell with the Top Branco topping using a 3-part mold, then place in the fridge and leave for 15 minutes on average until it unmolds evenly.

Prepare the mini eggs with the different flavors of Top (Milk, White, Hazelnut, Semisweet and Intense), refrigerate for around 10 to 15 minutes and then unmold

Apply the mini eggs to the smooth egg shell made with TOP Branco, if necessary, melt the coating to get the eggs to stick to the shell