Affogato Cappuccino

Tempo de preparo 15 minutes. Microwave time: 4 minutes.
Rende até 23 units of 205 g each
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This Affogato Cappuccino recipe was made with our food service products


  • 1050g Semisweet Melken
  • 1000ml whole milk
  • 315g Powdered Icing Sugar
  • 525ml Espresso coffee
  • 1150ml ice cream
  • 115g cinnamon stick

Modo de preparo

Hot chocolate1. Melt the Half Bitter Melken in the microwave (medium power) stirring every 30 seconds. Reserve. 2. Heat the milk, add the Impalpable Sugar and stir until dissolved. 3. Add the reserved chocolate and mix until smooth. Assembly 1. For each portion, in a large cup, place 100 ml of heated hot chocolate and add 50 ml of espresso coffee. 2. Serve with a 50 g scoop of ice cream on top or on the side and a cinnamon stick.